Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Than A Storm in a Teacup!

As some of you folks will know the company that does our printing is based in Hong Kong. Now what non-Olympics related news story came out of Hong Kong recently? That's right they suffered from a vicious Typhoon, just as the ship was due to leave port. This was a level 10 typhoon, the first to hit HK since 1999. Luckily no one was injured. Luckily Illustartors #1 didn't get reduced to paper mache.

More to the point despite a few days delay I can now tell you that both Illustrators # 1 and The Art of Denis McLoughlin are due to arrive in England on the 17th of August a red letter day for your diaries.

I thought I'd better put 2012 in the date just in case there are any doubting Thomases out there.

We currently have Santas little helpers doing their summer work labeling mailers ready for the big push. More news from the frontline as soon as I have it.
Best Dave.

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