Friday, November 30, 2012

Pandarve: The Worlds of Don Lawrence
This stunning book was published as part of the 30th birthday celebrations for Storm, the comic strip. In 1976 Storm was seen for the very first time on the drawing board of Don Lawrence. The concept for the strip was the invention of Dutch comic creator Martin Lodewijk and Don Lawrence (artist for the popular Trigan series) was given the task of bringing Storm to life with his dramatic full colour artwork.

In the Chronicles of Pandarve the whole Storm universe was created and gave Lawrence the chance to display the qualities that made him one of the finest comic artists in the world. This book gives you the best images and artwork chosen from almost 600 pages drawn by Lawrence. All the art was taken from new digitised scans of the original paintings.

The English language edition of this book is available only from The Book Palace and is limited to just 250 copies worldwide. If you think you know Don Lawrence's work from the eternally popular Trigan Empire series in Look and Learn you owe it to yourself to check this out. Lawrence really let his imagination run riot with this series which is held in very high regard across Europe and especially in The Netherlands.There are very few copies left from the edition published in 2006 buy now or regret later!

Once you've set foot on Pandarve you'll naturally want to find out more about the adventures of Storm. Luckily for you we can help there too with the stories collected in 12 handsome volumes available here. If you buy the set you get 12 volumes for the price of 10. They are also available individually. Here's the great cover to volume 11 The Genesis Formula/ The Armageddon Traveller

Hope the Winter Chill isn't biting too hard. See you all back here soon.
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Toughest Man In The West

Or at the very least the toughest man in Bolton! It's been gratifying to read the plaudits that we have received concerning The Art of Denis McLoughlin. Credit where it's due, author David Ashford and editor Peter Richardson deserve the kudos. The book had some strong pre-publication support and has been selling very solidly for us. However with all eyes currently on the development of Heros the Spartan and the second issue of Illustrators Quarterly I didn't want this great book to get overlooked.
When I first saw those glorious crime noir images that feature in the book I was taken aback by how good they are. Just recently though I've been going back to my first introduction to Denis' oeuvre and that was his sterling work on his first love The Wild West and in particular his work on the Buffalo Bill annuals that I eagerly collected some years ago.
Here comes the Cavalry...
So I thought a few more images to help show more of the range of Denis' great work wouldn't go amiss.
With Christmas just around the corner, and given that you've all been working hard and deserve to give yourselves a bit of a treat, it's worth reminding you that the Deluxe limited edition  just 120 copies available worldwide signed by the author, plus numbered limited edition print and a 12-page facsimile edition Roy Carson comic; is available here.
Of course you'll be wanting to give a copy to those special people in your lives to show how much you care, in which case the handsome devil of a hardback that is the regular edition is also available.
That's all for now, but the more I look at this book the more I find to enjoy so expect more images soon.
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Friday, November 2, 2012

Heros Galley Sails Closer...

Update upon update time,

In addition to Dave's update this is an update from your truly, Peter just to give you a bit more information on what is happening on the design and layout front with Heros.

As we have previously revealed, we took the decision to reproduce the Heros pages the same size as they first appeared in the Eagle comic some fifty years ago. This means that each spread will run over two pages, the binding on this book is such that each spread will open out without information getting lost in the gutter. So to maintain this feel and emphasize the panoramic feel of the book we have designed the whole book to reinforce this cinematic feel.

Here's some spreads to show you what we  mean and also give you a feel for how the book will look. Please note that there are some captions missing and some spreads might well change–but only in a minor way:

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Heros Update

Not ONE but TWO exciting bits of information for you to digest and act upon.

Firstly we're very pleased to be able to announce that we are now accepting pre-orders for the eagerly expected Frank Bellamy's Heros the Spartan The Complete Adventures

You can pre-order the book now from this exciting page
If you chose to pay by Paypal then you are reserving a copy and you've budgeted for it at a time convenient for you. Alternately if you pay by credit card you have the satisfaction of knowing your copy is reserved but that we won't charge your card until we have the book in stock from the printers and we're ready to ship. The book is set to retail at just £95. We wanted to keep the price below three figures while still offering our usual high production values. We're working on a shipping price for customers outside the UK and it will be finalised once we have an exact weight. This will be another large book but we only charge the cost price of airmail postage to keep it honest for our loyal customers.
And what about the second piece of news? Those of you who collect our super limited editions will be pleased to know that once again we will be offering a deluxe leather bound edition with extra features. Most of this is still under wraps at the moment but I can tell you that this edition will comprise of just 120 copies worldwide making it an instant collectible.  Be warned that these leather editions will not hang around long! We will have the price and the pre-order available in the next few days. Watch the skies or preferably subscribe to our email newsletter for the latest updates.
Please remember that for both the regular and the leather editions if you pre-order you are guaranteed to be able to purchase at the stated pre-order price, regardless of what happens to the strength of GP Pound Sterling, the cost of paper, printing et cetera in the next couple of months.
Bellamy captures a wonderful facial expression in this Heros panel
Remember Heros isn't our only book featuring Frank Bellamy's glorious artwork; see here for details.
That's all for now, just remember not to put any books on the bonfire come November 5th, that's the Fireman's job.
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One For Your Book Shelves

Or perhaps your coffee table would be a better place

As you may know at Book Palace Books we aim not only to bring you some of the finest illustration books under our own imprint but to promote other publishers who we believe are doing sterling service to the great cause. The Art of Bob Peak is a classic case in point.
Here's a blurb from the publisher of this fine book:
"For the first time, a comprehensive oversize 380 page coffee table book on the Life and Art of Bob Peak. The book includes over 600 images of works spanning a forty year career with many never before seen illustrations along with his many iconic illustrations for the Movies, Major Periodicals, National Ad Campaigns, Time Magazine Covers, Fashion Advertising, Sports Advertising and more.
Bob Peak came on the New York Advertising Art Scene in the early 1950’s. He went on to become one of the most prolific illustrators of the 21st century. His artistic vision represented a bridge between the era of Norman Rockwell and Coby Whitmore, with its emphasis on technique, to more direct ways of making pictures, greater use of line, and a more startling, bolder palette. In 1961 he was named “Artist of the Year” by the Artist Guild of New York. In 1977 he was inducted into the prestigious New York Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame. In 1992 after over 100 Movie Campaigns including his iconic images for such films as, My Fair Lady, Camelot, Star Trek, and Apocalypse Now, he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Hollywood Reporters for his contribution to the film industry."

As soon as we heard about this book we realised that we needed to stock copies. This is the sort of book we are proud to have in our Recommended Books section on Book Palace Books as we believe it furthers illustration as an area for serious critical appraisal and more importantly is just damn fine. Bob Peak was one of the finest commercial illustrators to work in the USA in the latter half of the 20th Century and this glorious profusely illustrated coffee table sized book does his work justice.

My Fair Lady Movie Poster

Camelot Movie Poster

You can order copies of the book here it comes in its own protective card case and is superbly designed. Just the thing to leaf through on those long chill nights ahead.