Friday, October 12, 2012

Off To The Races

Following on from Peter's recent post I'm happy to report that this week Illustrators issue Two is on it's way to our printers.


The cover feature is A Brush with Fitzrovia The Elegant Art of David Wright. You can subscribe to Illustrators  here (scroll down the page to get to #2).
In other news work continues apace with Frank Bellamy's Heros The Spartan and while that book is a little way off I was reminded recently of one of my favourite Bellamy illustrations featured in our Frank Bellamy's Story of World War One book.

I can't really imagine the horror that a tank attack would have for a WWI era infantry soldier stuck in a trench but Bellamy certainly gives us a flavour of it here. The wonderful limited edition hardcover, with bonus print limited to 175 copies is available here and the trade edition here
Back with more soon.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Coming Your Way in Illustrators 2

Having been fully occupied with helping launch our very first issue of illustrators, I thought it might be opportune, whilst gathering breath to show you a bit more of what is heading your way over the next twelve months.

The good news is that the response has been even better than our most optimistic projections, although as a team we have all been pretty cautious in our expectations. Launching a new publication is fraught with difficulty and even keeping our origination costs as low as possible, the financial gamble involved is still considerable. So, caution has been our watchword.

However, I am pleased to say that issue 1 has been selling very well and recent publicity on Leif Peng's excellent Today's Inspiration blog has garnered a lot of response as well as a distribution deal for the US and Canada with Bud Plant.

So as issue 2 is currently being PDF'd ready to send to our printer, let's have a look at some of the spreads and features from issue 2, which has a major feature on Carol Day artist David Wright as well as a fascinating look at the life and work of historical illustrator Cecil Doughty written by David Ashford and an equally revealing look at the exquisite wild-life artistry of Raymond Sheppard written by Norman Boyd. The issue is rounded up with a look over the shoulder of John Watkiss as he works up a typically virtuosic concept painting for the US hit TV show The Walking Dead as well as some mouthwatering examples of the work of the Italian illustrator Renato Fratini with an accompanying text penned for us with characteristic passion and insight by David Roach.

As a final flourish the Gallery section presents two truly stunning Giorgio De Gaspari original covers from the early years of War Picture Library.

More to follow: