Thursday, August 9, 2012

Holding Out for a Heros!*

You will be pleased to know that work is proceeding at a furious pace on our definitive Frank Bellamy Heros the Spartan tome. Peter Richardson, our answer to Jack Kirby's O.M.A.C. has been working 25 hours a day (or so he tells us) digitally restoring high resolution scans of the best copies of Eagle known to Fankind. The results look stunning, so much better than the slightly off register printing in the original comic. So good that they might almost be originals. Ah ha! and there's the rub. There is nothing quite like the beauty of a high resolution scan of one of Frank Bellamy's original paintings. We want to make our book as special as possible and to that end we have been searching out Heros original artwork for inclusion in the book. This is where you, our loyal readers come in. Do you, by any chance (and I think you'd know...) own an original Bellamy Heros page? Do you know another collector with impeccable taste who owns one? If so we'd love to get in contact with you to arrange for a scan that could be included in the book. If you can help with a scan the you will receive acknowledgement in the book and owners of an original we use will receive a complimentary copy of the book. Right let's see how many boy detectives we have in the audience!

All the Best and have a great weekend!

*With apologies to all Bonnie Tyler fans in the audience!

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