Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sep E. Scott - reused covers part 2

Continuing our look at the reprinted Robin Hood cover art by Sep E. Scott. The original Thriller versions of these images can be found in our index, The Thriller Libraries.

Buster Adventure Library 22 (reprints TPL 222)

Buster Adventure Library 24 (reprints TPL 202)

Buster Adventure Library 26 (reprints TPL 186)

Buster Adventure Library 28 (reprints Robin Hood Annual 1958)

Buster Adventure Library 32 (reprints TPL 182)

Buster Adventure Library 36 (reprints TPL 170)

(* My thanks to Roger Green for providing the original scans.)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Before and After - The Gentle Art of Restoration Revisited

Just to shed a few tantalizing extra shafts of light on both Illustrators and The Art Of Denis McLoughlin, I must make mention of the amazing work of Mark Terry of Facsimile Dustjackets. Mark who has a real passion for his art and the knowledge and understanding of the medium within which he works has brought his skills to bear on restoring many of the fabulous 'noire' covers that will be illustrating both the feature on Denis McLoughlin in our debut issue of Illustrators and the forthcoming Art of Denis McLoughlin, which will be coming your way from Book Palace Books in 2012.

Here as a taster are a couple of before and afters, from some of those incredibly rare early TV Boardman, McLoughlin designed covers.

For more of Mark's work and information on some truly exquisite reproduction dust jackets I would strongly recommend a visit to his site where you can access some truly iconic cover images, one of the coolest time capsules on the web.