Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thriller Picture Library cover reprints part 3

Finishing off our series of Thriller Picture Library cover reprints we come to Rick Random, one of the most popular and collectable of British comics. The Buster Adventure Library reprinted five of Rick's adventures from the pages of Super Detective Library, four of them with artwork by Ron Turner — the fifth (Killer in Space) reprinted Rick's debut adventure with artwork by Bill Lacey.

The covers of the original Super Detective Library stories were often less than inspiring or looked — by 1966 — rather old-fashioned, so a number of Jet-Ace Logan covers from Thriller Picture Library were repurposed. That the covers had nothing to do with the stories and didn't even feature the same character didn't seem to matter. At least on Buster Adventure Library 33 the editors remembered to remove Jet-Ace's R.A.F. badge and the Space Command logo from the spaceship...

Cover images of all of the original issues can be found in The Thriller Libraries index, published by Book Palace Books.

Alessandro Biffignandi, reprints TPL 426
Arnold Beauvais, reprints SDL 37

James McConnell, reprints SDL 129

Alessandro Biffignandi, reprints TPL 383

Alessandro Biffignandi, reprints TPL 422

(* Buster Adventure Library © IPC Media Ltd.)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Latest News

We'd like to thank all our customers who have supported our move into periodic publication by subscribing to the first four issues of Illustrators Quarterly or by ordering the first issue. Similarly it's been very gratifying to hear all the positive comments and receive pre-orders for our next book The Art of Denis McLoughlin  . Your support is very important to us and we appreciate the commitment  given the current economic climate. There is of course still time to subscribe and take advantage of our free UK postage offer. We've kept the international rates as low as possible too despite the recent Royal Mail price hike. If you like to support us by paying now rather than on publication just say so in the comments section of your order, or use PayPal, otherwise credit/debit cards will only be charged once we are ready to ship your order.

 And so to the update...

 The digital proofs are now at the printers being given the once over. Shortly we will get a print out which will be our last chance to discover any howlers. I say this as one of five people who's proof read the Quarterly and the book so far. The observant amongst you will have noticed that we recently changed the cover for Illustrators #1. The new cover has more, shall we say va-va-voom and I think a wonderful noir feel redolent of the classic crime films of the 1940s and '50s.

I'll leave you with a sample of the stunning artwork that accompanies the Ian Kennedy

and a couple of my favourite McLoughlin covers for the T.V. Boardman books.

Don't forget to come back soon for more progress reports and sneak previews.