Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Thriller Libraries: corrections and additions

In a book the size of The Thriller Libraries, a number of errors are almost certain to creep in and, the moment you complete the book, new information is bound to come to light. I'm pleased to say that the number of errors spotted has been minimal, but it is worth setting up a column so that when anything turns up, there will be somewhere to post the information.

p.21. The picture labelled Cowboy Picture Library 346 is, in fact, Western Library 59 (see image at the top of this column). The artist is James E. McConnell.

p.25. The caption "Cecil Doughty's bright and dynamic original painting of Dick Turpin for the cover of Thriller Picture Library 223" should read "Stephen Chapman's bright and dynamic...". Chapman is correctly credited with the cover on p.175.

p.118. The artist credit for Cowboy Picture Library 387 should be Jorge Moliterni rather than Jorge Macabich. This alteration should also be noted in the artist's index on pages 272 and 273.

p.245. The scriptwriting credits for issues 137 and 139 have been mixed up. 137 is by Harry Harrison and 139 is by Conrad Frost/Barry Coker.

p.275. Unknown Artist [B] has been identified as Emilio Frejo. Frejo is, therefore, the artist of issues 455 (p.124) and 467 (p.125) of Cowboy Picture Library.

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