Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Inside King Solomon's Mines

We thought that you'd like to see a few more details from the three H. Rider Haggard stories and so I've picked an example from each of the four artists.

Above is a page of Bill Baker's art from early in the tale. He uses a lot of detailed line work that renders even "talking heads" panels with life.

Here is a page from when C.L. Doughty took over the strip. His work is similar to Baker's in terms of the detailed line work but there's an added dynamism to the compositions, especially with our flying friend in the last panel here.

Here's a nice painterly page from the Allen Quartermain story illustrated by Mike Hubbard, a totally different conception to the first story.

Here we have what may be the books highlight Montezuma's Daughter illustrated by the great Jesus Blasco combining approaches with pen and ink line work accented by watercolours.

I hope that this has whetted your appetite, the book is available here.

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