Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Toughest Man In The West

Or at the very least the toughest man in Bolton! It's been gratifying to read the plaudits that we have received concerning The Art of Denis McLoughlin. Credit where it's due, author David Ashford and editor Peter Richardson deserve the kudos. The book had some strong pre-publication support and has been selling very solidly for us. However with all eyes currently on the development of Heros the Spartan and the second issue of Illustrators Quarterly I didn't want this great book to get overlooked.
When I first saw those glorious crime noir images that feature in the book I was taken aback by how good they are. Just recently though I've been going back to my first introduction to Denis' oeuvre and that was his sterling work on his first love The Wild West and in particular his work on the Buffalo Bill annuals that I eagerly collected some years ago.
Here comes the Cavalry...
So I thought a few more images to help show more of the range of Denis' great work wouldn't go amiss.
With Christmas just around the corner, and given that you've all been working hard and deserve to give yourselves a bit of a treat, it's worth reminding you that the Deluxe limited edition  just 120 copies available worldwide signed by the author, plus numbered limited edition print and a 12-page facsimile edition Roy Carson comic; is available here.
Of course you'll be wanting to give a copy to those special people in your lives to show how much you care, in which case the handsome devil of a hardback that is the regular edition is also available.
That's all for now, but the more I look at this book the more I find to enjoy so expect more images soon.
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