Friday, October 12, 2012

Off To The Races

Following on from Peter's recent post I'm happy to report that this week Illustrators issue Two is on it's way to our printers.


The cover feature is A Brush with Fitzrovia The Elegant Art of David Wright. You can subscribe to Illustrators  here (scroll down the page to get to #2).
In other news work continues apace with Frank Bellamy's Heros The Spartan and while that book is a little way off I was reminded recently of one of my favourite Bellamy illustrations featured in our Frank Bellamy's Story of World War One book.

I can't really imagine the horror that a tank attack would have for a WWI era infantry soldier stuck in a trench but Bellamy certainly gives us a flavour of it here. The wonderful limited edition hardcover, with bonus print limited to 175 copies is available here and the trade edition here
Back with more soon.


  1. Wow, I'm at a loss for words. I'm blown away by both the Illustrators magazine #1, and The Art of Denis McLoughlin. They are both absolutely beautiful! Congratulations! It's been a long time since, such publications, have caused my heart to race. I see the love and passion you have, coming through on the pages.

    Because I'm in the States, I have a hard time finding and accessing some of your stellar publications. Through Ebay I've been able to purchase a few volumes of the Buffalo Bill Annuals. I get all tingly when I'm able to purchase these treasures. The problem with being exposed to such new ( for me,) and exciting artists is, I want to add their work to my collection. But I usually run into roadblocks. Is there some source where I could purchase some of those "Serenade" issues by Angel Badia Camps? What about Roy Carson?

    So, great job on presentation of these fine artists, but now I'm very frustrated, because I can't walk across the street and buy these beautiful works of art to add to my collection!

    By the way, I've become a big fan, of your publications!

    With admiration,
    Randall Dahlk

  2. Hi Randall Sorry for the late reply. Many thanks for the kind words about our publications, we put a lot of effort into them and it's great to get positive enouraging feedback. As to sourcing originals, well there's the problem. We no longer sell this material ourselves so we have no axe to grind. There used to be a selling if you want to buy US Golden Age comics or say a complete set of Spider-Man all you need is money. If you want to get sets of British comics from the 1950's and even early '60's - well good luck finding them, the few sets that exist are jealously guarded. All I can suggest is that you keep an eye out on Ebay, Amazon Marketplace, ABE Books etc. and see what crops up. That and network like hell with other collectors of course ;-)