Friday, June 8, 2012

The Art of Denis McLoughlin 
Illustrators #1 Ready To Print

I hope everyone enjoyed the recent Diamond Jubilee holiday weekend. As much as I enjoyed waving my plastic Union Jack it was great to find that on getting back to the Batcave, er, sorry I mean the office, I found that the digital proofs of David Ashford's marvellous The Art of Denis McLoughlin and Illustrators issue one had arrived from the printers. Editor Peter Richardson has spent the last 72 hours giving the material a final tweak before sending them back to Honk Kong with a green light to start printing.

Just as a reminder here's the new improved cover for illustrators 1. We decided  to go with this image as we felt it encapsulated the noir feel McLoughlin strove got in his T.V. Boardman crime work.

I would be remiss if I didn't try and further whet your appetite for Illustrators 1 by mentioning the feature on Angel Badia Camps by our friend David A. Roach.

 What McLoughlin did for Hard Boiled detectives and Ian Kennedy for air warfare, Camps did for Romance and Fashion with his deliciously hip (and now chic retro) styling.

 Mind you he could turn his hand to the gothic

 and draw a good "Sam Spade"

as these sneak previews readily show.
David's article is packed with hitherto little known information on this Spanish great.
Your support on these two projects is greatly appreciated Illustrators 1 is available for pre-order here with an option for a four issue subscription saving postage in the UK and The Art of Denis McLoughlin here.
Check back soon for more updates on the progress of these two publications and perhaps a sneak preview of Illustrators issue 2 which is almost completed as I type.
Have a great weekend, Regards, Dave

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