Friday, May 27, 2011

The Art of Denis McLoughlin

Just to bring you up to date on the book that has been bubbling away for a year or so, namely the definitive look at the life and work of Denis McLoughlin whose 'noir's style cover art has attracted devotees and collectors on both sides of the Atlantic.

The book The Art of Denis McLoughlin to  be published next Spring, is written by Denis McLoughlin's good friend and biographer David Ashford as well as containing an account of the artist's life, art and influences written by Denis McLoughlin himself. The book will feature reproductions from the surviving original artwork, "pulls" in high quality print, never before seen photos chronicling the artist's life and page after page of some of the most stunning artwork ever to see print in the 20th century.

So here's some teaser spreads and the current promo that will be going out in the latest Book Palace catalogue.


  1. I interviewed Denis in Bilton in the 80's for Deadline magazine.
    He was lots of fun and very gracious too.
    I was saddened to hear of his death.
    He was a lovely man.
    My piece on him was called Obsessed By Drawing in Dealine
    Number 20 July 1990

  2. Hi Jim,

    Can't agree more - I knew Denis for some years prior to his death and he was always a good laugh to meet up with.

    I've nothing to do with the book - that's down to author David Ashford and Peter Richardson, who is designing it - so I can be say without any bias that it's something I'm really looking forward to. I believe Denis will also be the subject of a feature in the new Illustrators magazine, the first issue of which should be out next spring.

  3. Yes Steve; it is way about time Denis was honoured thus. We was lovely to me and my then girlfriend and I have photos from that day too.
    I hope this book is as good as the pages presented suggest.
    He was a great draughtsman and had such a good eye; his art was of its time but also strangely timeless.
    He had such a good eye for logos/ graphics too, his Boardman book covers are fabulous.
    RIP Denis.
    I miss him even though I only met him the once.
    Jim McCarthy

  4. As a 67 year old 'schoolboy', I still have my treasured Buffalo Bill Annuals that bought me so much pleasure during a rather challenging post war childhood. I still get the same thrill when I look at those wonderful and exciting illustrations by dear Denis. His sad passing leaves those who love his work with a truly lasting legacy. To those who continue to promote and support this great man's talent, I send my genuine thanks.
    David Danks