Monday, April 30, 2012

Thriller Picture Library cover reprints part 2

Continuing our walk through the reused covers of the Thriller Picture Library, here are more examples from the John Steel series, reprinted in Buster Adventure Library a few years after their original appearance in the TPL. A full list of the original appearances along with cover images of all the originals can be found in The Thriller Index, published by Book Palace Books.

As with the previous selection, most of the reprints were fairly straightforward, although they would occasionally adapt the image... such as in the case of Buster Adventure Library 17, below, which used the same cover as Thriller Picture Library 399, above, without the spider-web.

Nino Caroselli, reprints TPL 403

Nino Caroselli, reprints TPL 399
Alessandro Biffignandi, reprints TPL 419
Unknown, reprints TPL 423
Giorgio De Gaspari, reprints TPL 258 (ex-Spy 13)

Alessandro Biffignandi, reprints TPL 407

(* Buster Adventure Library © IPC Media Ltd.)

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