Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thriller Picture Library cover reprints

A few months ago we ran a series of covers that were reprinted from issues of Thriller Picture Library and I'm pleased to present a few more. The later John Steel casebooks were reprinted in Buster Adventure Library within a few years of their original appearance, but under different titles. Below you'll find a number of these retitled reprints — you can find the originals both listed and illustrated in The Thriller Libraries index published by Book Palace Books.

Most are reasonably straightforward reprints, but some are quite extensively adapted. See, for instance, the cover for Buster Adventure Library 11 below and compare it to the original image as used on Thriller Picture Library 379 above.

 Alessandro Biffignandi, reprints TPL 355
 Enrico De Seta?, reprints TPL 363

 Allesandro Biffignandi, reprints TPL 359

 Enrico De Seta?, reprints TPL 387
P. Carey?, reprints TPL 371
P. Carey?, reprints TPL 379

Allesandro Biffignandi, reprints TPL 424 (ex-Spy 13)

(* Buster Adventure Library © IPC Media Ltd.)

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