Friday, November 30, 2012

Pandarve: The Worlds of Don Lawrence
This stunning book was published as part of the 30th birthday celebrations for Storm, the comic strip. In 1976 Storm was seen for the very first time on the drawing board of Don Lawrence. The concept for the strip was the invention of Dutch comic creator Martin Lodewijk and Don Lawrence (artist for the popular Trigan series) was given the task of bringing Storm to life with his dramatic full colour artwork.

In the Chronicles of Pandarve the whole Storm universe was created and gave Lawrence the chance to display the qualities that made him one of the finest comic artists in the world. This book gives you the best images and artwork chosen from almost 600 pages drawn by Lawrence. All the art was taken from new digitised scans of the original paintings.

The English language edition of this book is available only from The Book Palace and is limited to just 250 copies worldwide. If you think you know Don Lawrence's work from the eternally popular Trigan Empire series in Look and Learn you owe it to yourself to check this out. Lawrence really let his imagination run riot with this series which is held in very high regard across Europe and especially in The Netherlands.There are very few copies left from the edition published in 2006 buy now or regret later!

Once you've set foot on Pandarve you'll naturally want to find out more about the adventures of Storm. Luckily for you we can help there too with the stories collected in 12 handsome volumes available here. If you buy the set you get 12 volumes for the price of 10. They are also available individually. Here's the great cover to volume 11 The Genesis Formula/ The Armageddon Traveller

Hope the Winter Chill isn't biting too hard. See you all back here soon.
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