Friday, July 13, 2012

Research is a Wonderful Thing

Hello there and welcome back. Thanks to all of you who expressed concern but yes I did survive the hippy festival, just barely mind. While I sit here in a happy hippy daze I thought I should bring to your attention a little something you may have missed.

A book as rich in detail and as copiously illustrated as David Ashford's The Art of Denis McLoughlin requires an awful lot of research. Editor Peter Richardson spent a considerable amount of time and effort in collecting samples of Denis McLoughlin's work on the T.V. Boardman American Bloodhound Mystery series. Here's one I read earlier (don't tell the wife!).

The results of his collecting frenzy will be plain for the world to see once the book is published in August. These Bloodhound books, once extremely popular, are now increasingly rare and in demand amongst collectors. It's easy to understand why they command respectable prices; not only did the books introduce many significant  thriller / mystery authors to the British market but Denis McLoughlin in his capacity as Art Director of the series produced some of his strongest work for them.

As lovely as these books are we've decided that the best thing to do is release them back into the wild and give collectors a chance to fill in the gaps in their Wants Lists. You can find a full listing of those we have for sale here including full descriptions; condition etc. The highlight for me has to be this very nice example of Henry Kane's Death on the Double, which as well as having one of Denis Loughlin's most alluring covers also features as a bonus a bookmark, a contemporary T.V. Boardman catalogue AND a letter signed by McLoughlin himself; a unique opportunity for collectors of the great man's work.

The Art of Denis McLoughlin together with the eagerly anticipated Illustrators Quarterly issue one (available here) are due to land in the UK around the 18th August. We feel certain that once people see the high quality reproductions of these covers the rare Bloodhound originals will fly off the shelves. Fair warning and all that.
That's all for now, have a good weekend. Best, Dave.

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