Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More on Wulf the Briton

Here's a treat for everyone waiting on Book Palace's Wulf the Briton reprint: above is the cover for the limited leather-bound edition.

Peter Richardson, the man behind all the hard work on the book, has been keeping fans updated on his Cloud 109 blog where he announced on Sunday that he had finally finished work on the book and had mailed off all the designs to Book Palace.

To reiterate some of Peter's comments, the final book will be printed at the same size as the original Express Weekly pages, approximately 36 x 26 cm. The book will run to 352 pages, including the complete run of Ron Embleton's strip covering the period May 1957 to September 1960 in the weekly and all four Wulf 8-pagers from the Express Annual. Peter has written an introduction, an afterword and commentaries to each story and the book will include additionally a foreword by Dave Gibbons and a reminiscence by Alan Vince.

As well as the regular edition there will be a limited (to 126 copies) leather-bound, gold-embossed edition in a slipcase which will feature 16 additional pages containing samples of 8 original pieces of Embeton's artwork; for each page there is also a detail printed at the same size as the original artwork.

Peter has presented a few spreads from his introduction at the link above, but to give you a sample, here's one of the best pages ever to appear in any comic, anywhere.

(* Wulf the Briton © Express Newspapers.)

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